Seattle, the Emerald City.

It ain’t much of an emerald any more, chummer – dirty, grimy, battered and hammered. Not quite dust yet, though, which is where we come in. We’re shadowrunners – the people who slipped between the cracks, who aren’t on any database, who go and do the dirty work the corporations – or anyone else with the nuyen to pay us – don’t want to get caught doing.

From corporate espionage to political assassination to putting the hurt back on the gang that’s terrorizing a neighborhood, we’re the ones who have the skills, the gear, and the magic to make it happen. We can be loud as you want, or quiet as a ghost. We can make it look like someone else did it – your choice. But we don’t do it for free. And we won’t let ourselves be burned.

You have been warned.

North Atlanta Shadowrun

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