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Aztechnology's infighting claims one of its own, sources claim

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The daughter of High ranking Aztechnology executive Eduardo Ortega was kidnapped during a concert last night, and was later found dead Commenement Bay. According to preliminary reports, Jennifer Ortega, known by the stage name Jenny O, the lead singer in a local goblin rock band known as The Foes, was kidnapped during her set last night at the Hellfire club in South Puyallup about 11:00 pm yesterday evening. One witness, who is a confirmed ex-Desert Wars veteran, is recorded as saying that the thugs were armed with prototype Aztechnology pistols that aren’t even supposed to debut for another 6 months. No other attendees were harmed in the confusion, but sketchy reports say that at least one of the kidnappers sustained some type of knife wound. Video was captured by the club cameras, but the kidnappers apparently used some type of sophisticated technology to hide their faces from the camera, as they just show up as a blur on all found footage. Even private footage we have seen from attendees’ cameras was blurred.

The body of Jenny O was found floating in Commencement bay some hours later. She was killed by two gunshots to the torso, possibly from the same types of Aztechnology pistols used during the kidnapping. Our sources inside Knight Errant confirmed that she was high on an unidentified type of street drug, probably an opiate. Traces of other drugs were found in her system as well. No reports have surfaced as to what happened to the poor girl between the time she was kidnapped and drugged and when she was dumped in the bay, but one can imagine. One can indeed.

Both Aztechnology and Jenny O’s father declined any comment.

But we, Dear Readers, surmise that this whole debacle was the result of some internecine war inside Aztechnology. Brutally torturing and murdering an Exec’s family member over some corporate faux pas perhaps? Maybe Jenny O was a corp Shadowrunner ans this was some type of reprisal killing? Who Knows? Be we won’t give up until we find out, Dear reader, we can promise you that!


Popslackjaw_Jason Popslackjaw_Jason

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