Johnny Pipes

burnt out street shaman


Johnny Pipes Aspected Mage (conjurer)
AGI 2 Limits Phys 3
REA 2 Mental 4
STR 2 Social 8
Edge 2
Magic 4 (down from 5)
Essence 5

Qualities Positive
Home Ground (Seattle Slums) : You know a Guy
Spirit Affinity; Spirits of Man
Resistance: Toxins
First Impression

Addiction: Moderate: Street Drugs (not picky, just likes to stay high to avoid Rat. Is this OK?)
Dependent Daughter, occasional. Shes a 22 year old art student whom he supports
Criminal SIN lots of felonies, mostly theft and forgery

Conjuring group 6 (Binding, Banishing, Summoning)
Spell Casting group 5
Influence group 5 (etiquette, Leadership, Negotiate)
Assensing 4
Perception 3
Con 5
Impression 3 (4 voices)
Intimidation 4
Performance 3 (4 crooning)
Palming 3 (4 hand-offs)
Sneak 3
Drive 2 (3 cars)
Arcana 3
First aid 3 (4 drug OD’s)
Chemistry 3 (4 drugs)
Software 3 (4 BTL’s)
Computers 1
Knowledge (freebies)
Seattle Gangs 3
Criminal organizations 3
Fences 3
Spanish 3
Italian 3
Brat Pack music 2

Toxic Wave
Magic Fingers

Olfactory Booster 3
Synaptic Booster 1
Datajack (Deltaware) (If that’s OK, if not, drop it)
Cyberhand with shock hand, (right)
Tooth compartment

Commlink (or whatever it used to be called)
Shades with lowlight, flare comp
Glue sprayer
Antidoe patch rating 3
Stim Patch rating 4
Squatter lyfestyle 1 month (Buddy’s basement)
Low lifestyle 1 month (shitty apartment)

Survival knife 4p ap-1
Ares lightfire 70 6p 2 clips reg ammo
Armor jacket

Spirit Focus rating 2 (Gold Plated Mic)
Sustaining focus 2 Gold Necklace

Contacts: Power/loyalty
Consiglieri 6/2
Talismonger 3/4
Renraku Mid Level Manager 2/3
Rock e-zine reporter (daughter) 1/6
Ork Underground guard 2/3
Drug Dealer 2/3
BTL Manufaturer 3/2
Ghoul Organlegger 2/4
Triad Ganger 2/3
Rat Shaman Lodge member 3/4
Ares Truck Driver 2/4
Rich College Kid/ Drug Addict 2/2
Rat’s Nest Scavenger 1/4


You know how, when you got an old lady that treats you like shit, but you stay with her anyways?

Like, I mean she runs around all over town, spends your money, makes you look like a mook; but you stay with her anyway because you’re too much of a pussy to wanna be alone? And, she stays with you even though you have to go upside her head when it gets to be too much? Well, I aint got an old lady like that. But, Lord, I know what it would be like; because I got Rat.

I always wonder how nice it would be to follow Lion. Or maybe screw the damn mentor-assholes and get it all from a book like a mage. But I got no choice, and at the end of the night I always go home. And Rat always waits up for me too. Sure he does. Sometimes he lays in a few licks too, lets somebody kick in a rib or has some damned devil rat gnaw off my fuckin’ HAND….but he never leaves. Never.

It aint as bad as It used to be. You drink enough…snort enough whatever and the spirits can’t talk to you so well. Drop in a nice piece of plastic and they shut up for once. It’s pretty nice.

Anyway, you wanna know who I am? I am the guy. That guy you call when you need something in Seattle. You need some drugs? A vehicle? You need to get RID of a vehicle? Maybe with a dead rigger in the trunk? I don’t run the small deals anymore, but if you got the cash and you don’t want any questions asked, I am the guy you call. That’s me. I am The Man. You call old Pipes.

Or you used to anyways. Now I got guys for that. They don’t always pay their dues. Sometimes they think they can ignore their old buddy Pipes like he aint a thing anymore, but they know who put them where they are. And if they aint stupid they know I can bring them right back down again too.

Johnny Pipes

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