North Atlanta Shadowrun

Kitty Cats, Baseball Bats, and Stuffer Shacks

a prequel

I am just gonna hit the high points on this one. I just don’t have the energy to write a narrative.

The runners were asked to go to a local bar to hear about some possible job opportunities.. When they expressed a little bit of concerns over killing strangers for money, they were put into contact with a pawn shop proprietor and supposedly former grifter named Johnny Pipes. Via a phone call, Pipes assured them that he would pay them well for a simple ride. He needed to deliver an item from his shop to a residence in Auburn. Easy.

A little legwork from Kenzo revealed that the Red Hot Nukes (Spiked Wheels, now) were active in the area and had recently been more aggressive than usual. Kenzo had his biker gang buddy arrange a little distraction to keep the Wheels busy just in case.

The party arrived at Pipe’s Pawn Palace and he was decidedly unprofessional. High on drugs and bedraggled, he took his time getting ready. He offered the guys free flare compensation sunglasses and stim-patched drugs for no reason, and showed them the item to be delivered. An animatronic Himalayan cat.

Half way through the delivery drive, and about half a mile South of Kenzo’s distraction (which was a drive by rock pelting of some idling Spike Wheels Bikers, who promptly caused a ruckus), Pipes declared he needed to puke and had the team pull into a Stuffer Shack, which had an inordinate number of orks hanging around nearby. A few minutes later an explosion of purple foam filled the Shack, followed by intense strobe lights that continued for the next several minutes. The crew understandably were reluctant to go inside and investigate what had happened to the unstable Pipes, until a Spirit summoned by Piped persuaded them to go and and help by offering them more cash.

They rushed into the strobe-lit melee to see a maniacally giggling Pipes fleeing a gang of orks and a massive, furious, bat-chuck wielding troll. (The crew would later deduce that the cat had actually been some type of explosive, foam emitting, flash-pack device) Kenzo rushed the troll and beat on her for a LONG time. TJ-Batuman-Reaper meleed an ork who had taken a woman hostage, and succeeded saving her life. Carson waded into the melee and found out that when it comes to real, professional, shadowrunning, a tire iron is probably not the best go-to weapon for serious fighting. He did bash a fallen ork into submission, though. The massive amount of glitches rolled by everyone certainly didn’t help. Pipes wandered about, blasting orks and bystanders alike with whatever spells seemed handy, while slapping drug patches on every once in awhile.

The troll was finally knocked unconscious by Kenzo, with some help from Carson and a stun bolt from Pipes, who knocked himself out in the process of casting the spell. Kenzo slapped him awake and got him to the vehicle, where he admitted that killing the troll was the actual job, and tripled the 500 nuyen per person price he originally promised. The gang, on top of their pay and nifty glasses, received some trauma patches and 1,500 nuyen each. They also received the ashamed bartender as a level 1/1 contact


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