Carson Riles (aka Boomer)

Male Ork, Mechanic, Smuggler, Street Brawler


Body: 6
Agility: 5
Reaction: 5
Strength: 8
Willpower: 6
Logic: 5
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 3
Edge: 3

Close Combat: 2
Unarmed Combat (Brawling): 4
Blades: 4
Longarms: 3

Automotive Mechanic: 4
Industrial Mechanic: 2
Groundcraft: 2
Pilot Groundcraft: 6
Gunnery: 2
Aircraft: 2
Hardware: 2
Locksmith: 2

Etiquette (Street): 2
Intimidation: 4
Street Gangs: 2
Smuggler Havens: 4
Smuggler Routes: 4
Demolitions: 2
Goblin Rock: 4

Performance: 1

Home Ground: The Transporter (Redmond)

Gaston (Co-Owner Twin Theatre) – Mechanic
Tinsmith (Co-Owner Twin Theatre) – Weapons Dealer
Jorge – Street Ganger
Sascha – Mechanic/Co-Worker
Grogan – Boxer/Mentor

Vehicle Control Rig (Used): 2
Bone Lacing (Aluminum)
RCC: 3

Tire Iron
Brass Knuckles
Combat Axe
Defiance T-250
Gel Rounds (x40)

Armor Jacket
Goggles: 4
-Thermographic Vision
-Image Link
-Flare Compensation
Lockpick Set
Commlink: 5
DIY Guitar: 1

Hyundai Shin-Hyung
-Datajack Port
-Rigger Interface

GMC Bulldog
-Datajack Port
-Rigger Interface

Yamatetsu Watchdog (x2)
-Remote-Control Interface
-Rigger Adaptation
-External Fixed Firmpoint



My pop taught me everything I know ‘bout workin’ and fightin’, ‘bout who to deal with and who not to, ’bout greasin’ palms and cashing in favors. But the most important thing was runnin’ with the right crowd.

See, Pop was a mechanic in the slums; y’know the type who dealt with smugglers, go-gangers, and other unsavory characters. He never seemed to mind though. Always told me that as long as a man has a code, it don’t matter who he rubs elbows with, since he’ll always walk away clean. Wish I woulda bought into the paladin speech when it mattered.

He was also a fighter; a real legit boxer type. Coulda made it with the best, but he bit it in the ring at the hands of a ‘disgruntled’ opponent. Some tweaked-out punk fresh up from the slums beat him to death. Took four guys to pull him off. Didn’t make the front page, but folks knew. Couple even felt sorry for me but I didn’t need their pity. At 16, I was already a man and runnin’ hard toward the top.

I kept away from boxin’ myself. Too neat, too clean. Got involved with some street fights instead, real vicious stuff. Cracked open more than my fair share of ribs and skulls with a steel-toe to the chest. It wasn’t pretty, but it paid well and kept me feelin’ alive. Pop was spinning in his grave, but nuyen flowed by the fist full. I needed it, too.

After he died, Pop left me to mind the shop. Turns out I knew more about fixin’ engines than fixin’ a business. Almost tanked a few years back if not for the attention of a couple gearheads runnin’ a haven called Twin Theatre. That place is a wheelman’s dream: smugglers, riggers, racers; all the best names in the business. They sent some work my way, and I don’t just mean the kind with an engine. Set me up with a fixer what said he needed a gearhead for a run. Reckon I been runnin’ ever since.

Carson Riles (aka Boomer)

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