Thomas James "Reaper" Grimm

Human Male, Ex-FBI SWAT


Thomas James “TJ” Grimm
AKA Reaper
Human Male, Ex-FBI SWAT

BOD 3 (4)
AGI 4 (8)
REA 4 (5)
STR 3 (5)

Karma: 15

Phys 11 + 2d6
Essence 3.3

Mental 6
Physical 9
Social 6

8 Composure
11 Judge Intent
9 Lift/Carry
8 Memory

Type Skill Attr Rating Group Skill Pool
Group Influence CHA 4 Influence 9
Group Stealth VAR 4 Stealth
Sneaking 12
Palming 12
Disguise 10
Group Athletics VAR 2 Athletics 6
Gymnastics 10
Running 7
Swimming 7
Free-Fall BOD 3 None 7
Unarmed Combat AGI 6 Close Combat 14
Krav Maga 16
Group Firearms AGI 2 Firearms 10
Automatics AGI 7 Firearms 15
Assault Rifles 17 (19 smartlinks)
Perception INT 6 None 14
Intimidation CHA 5 None 10
Interrogation 12
Computer LOG 3 Electronics 6
Pilot Grnd Crft REA 2 Groundcraft 7
Wheeled 9
E-Warfare LOG 2 Cracking 5
Locksmith AGI 1 None 9

Skill Type Skill/Language ATR Lvl Group Pool
Native Language: English
KS: Language Japanese INT 2 None 8
KS: Language Italian INT 2 None 8
KS: Language Korean INT 2 None 8
KS: Language Chinese INT 2 None 8
KS: Street: Gangs INT 2 None 8
KS: Science: Forensics LOG 3 None 6
KS: Academic: Small Unit Tac LOG 3 None 6
SWAT Tactics 8
KS: Academic: Law LOG 3 None 6
KS: Street: Shadow Comm INT 3 None 9
KS: Street: Organized Crime INT 2 None 8
KS: Science: Psychology LOG 2 None 5
KS: Interest: Bars INT 2 None 8

Positive Qualities:
Analytical Mind
College Education
Poor Link
Photographic Memory
Perceptive (Lvl 2)
Restricted Gear (Suprathyroid Gland)
Astral Chameleon
Indomitable Mental (Lvl 1)
Indomitable Physical (Lvl 2)

Negative Qualities:
Addiction (Alcohol: Lvl 1, Mild)
SINner, National
Insomnia (Lvl 1)
Code of Honor → No Kids
Poor Self Control (Vindictive)
Enemies (See Below)
Prejudiced, Common, Biased: Gangs
Watched (2): Tracked (UCAS FBI)
Bad Reputation (Light)
Flashbacks (Uncommon)

Contacts (See Listing)

Tony “The Chef” Gianelli, Consiglieri 2L/5C, 45 karma cost.
Male Human; Bigio Family; Gianelli’s Restaurant in Tacoma (50ish).
(See Mob War.) Specials: Org Size: 2 Matrix: 1 Mystic: 1 Force: 2

Unnamed LS Sergeant 1L/2C, 27 karma cost.
Specials: Org Size: 3 Matrix: 1 Force: 1

Sandra O’Connor, FBI Agent 5L/2C, 45 karma cost.
Female Human; Ex-partner. Specials: Access: 3 Know: 3

Bloom, Fixer 1L/3C, 10 karma cost.
Male Human, looks 35, English, no obvious cyberware

Tosh Athack, KE Beat Cop 2L/1C, 6 karma cost.
Male Troll; Missions season 4 contact-to-be

McKinley, Bartender 2L/1C, 1 karma cost.
Male Dwarf; The Bottom Line (dwarf bar)

Unnamed Street Kid, 1L/1C, 1 karma cost. Male Ork

That Flaming Bastard, Gang Leader. Incidence 2, Connection 4. Worth 22K.
Male Human; Halloweeners Gang Leader.
Specials: Org Size: 2 Mystic: 1 Force: 2
That Punkass Bitch, Gang Leader (?). Incidence 2, Connection 3. Worth 14K.
Female Elf; Mysterious Gang (Leader? Lieutenant?).
Specials: Org Size: 1 Mystic: 1 Force: 1

Muscle Toner R3. .6 ESS. 96,000¥

Muscle Augmentation R1. .2 ESS. 31,100¥

Cyber eyes R3: Imagelink, smart link, lowlight, thermo, Enhance R3, magnification. .4 ESS. 30,000¥

Suprathyroid Gland, +1 to all Physical stats. .7 ESS. 140,000¥

Synaptic Booster, +1 RCT, +1 INITd6. .5 ESS. 95,000¥

Enhanced Articulation, +1 Physical Limit, +2D to Escape Artist tests. .3 ESS. 24,000¥

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit
Electrochromic modification
Armored Clothing (casual style)
Actioneer Business Suit
Commlink (Transys Avalon)
Sub vocal mic
AR gloves
Earbuds R3
Audio Enhancement 3
Fake SIN R4
Fake License R4 x3 (Conceal & Carry, Firearm, and augmentation)
AutoPicker R3
Mag lock pass key R3
Ares Alpha
Knucks (Hardliner Gloves)
Concealable Holster
Spare Clips x6
Gel-rounds x38
Regular Ammo x100
Low lifestyle 1 month
Yamaha Growler
Yamaha Pulsar (taser)
Taser Darts x20
Concealable Holster
Respirator R6
Survival Kit
Restraints: Plastic (zip ties) x17
Silver Credstick
Standard Credstick
Trauma patch x2

Movement m/Turn kph mph Min/Mile
Walk 16 14.4 8.95 6.70
Jog 24 21.6 13.42 4.47
Run 32 28.8 17.90 3.35
Sprint: +2/success.


FBI Matrix file on Thomas James Grimm
Born to Patricia and Dennis Grimm on June 3rd 2023.
Average childhood no major psychological incidents.

2041 – Earned a scholarship to the university of Washington.

2042 – Both parents killed in crossfire between rival gangs while visiting Thomas, suspected gangs involved Halloweeners and unknown small group, suspected shadowrunners. Promptly switched Major from computer sciences to Criminal Justice.

2046 – Graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Enrolled into the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the UCAS division. During training displayed remarkable marksmanship with rifles, and advanced aptitude towards unarmed combat, received undercover and advanced surveillance training techniques, showed proficiency in infiltration, as well as field extractions.

2048 – Transferred to organized crime division, received training in investigation, hostage negotiations, interrogations, as well as knowledge of street gang organization.

2049 – Agent volunteered for Project Myrmidon, an experiment in where a select group of elite agents were implanted with a series of bioware and cybernetic enhancements. Group was intended to be a High Threat Response unit, specializing in hostage extraction and high risk assignments. Agent Grimm was made team leader.

2050 – During a mission the Myrmidon unit was captured do to a combination of bad intel and an information leak. Terrorist cell captured and tortured entire unit, Agent Grimm was forced to watch as his team was tortured and murdered in front of him. Agent Grimm was also tortured, when the last member of Myrmidon was killed the terrorists cut out Agent Grimm’s eyes. Agent was extracted after enduring 6 weeks of torture.

2051 – Agent still in rehab, both physical and psychological, damage to ocular tissue was too great for cloned implantation as such agent was given a set of Cybereyes. The combination of Mental trauma and cybernetic implantation have resulted in Post Traumatic Stress causing Agent to develop chronic insomnia as well as occasional Flashbacks. Agent Grimm was deemed unfit for field duty and as a result project Myrmidon was considered a failure.

2052 – Agent having trouble reintegrating with former life, several incidents have been reported where agent was mildly intoxicated while on duty. Due to prior injuries as well as upstanding previous record. Agent given medical discharge from Bureau.

2053 – Current whereabouts of former Agent Grimm unknown. Last known address in Seattle.

Thomas James "Reaper" Grimm

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